Restoration of the Expression of Transporters Associated with Antigen Processing in Lung Carcinoma Increases Tumor-Specific Immune Responses and Survival

Yuanmei Lou, Timothy Z. Vitalis, Genc Basha, Bing Cai, Susan S. Chen, Kyung Bok Choi, Andrew P. Jeffries, W. Mark Elliott, Derek Atkins, Barbara Seliger, and Wilfred A. Jefferies

CTL-Dependent and -Independent Antitumor Immunity Is Determined by the Tumor Not the Vaccine

Jaina Leitch, Katie Fraser, Cecilia Lane, Kelley Putzu, Gosse J. Adema, Qian-Jin Zhang, Wilfred A. Jefferies, Jonathan L. Bramson and Yonghong Wan